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4 Ways to Mindful and Healthy Living for Seniors

It’s a fact that the need to maintain one’s health becomes even more acute as you get older. It also becomes more of a challenge, with more restrictions and risks at every turn. However, there are foolproof ways to remain strong and healthy in mind and in body as an older adult, which entails paying close attention to certain lifestyle elements and making changes and decisions that serve your overall well-being. Let us count the ways.

Mind Your Needs

As a senior, it may seem like your needs are endlessly increasing. You may find that the more your mobility decreases, the more challenging it is to do everyday tasks, which increases the need for assistance. To keep yourself healthy, it’s important to take stock of your needs and to ensure that you get the adequate care and assistance that your body demands.

No doubt, downsizing to more suitable living arrangements is a great option to explore as it’s good for your health and your peace of mind. Consider moving to an independent living community where you can reap the benefits of a smaller and more accessible home, such as fewer responsibilities, as well as enjoy the perks of living in a community setting, like opportunities to socialize. Not only that, but it may even prove to be more financially viable for you, especially when you’re living on a fixed income. Just make sure the community you choose fits your budget because the monthly cost of such facilities in Boston typically ranges anywhere from $1,500 to $10,415. It’s a good idea to visit several communities to find one that fits your preferences.

Mind Your Diet

Of course, it’s also common knowledge that your diet plays a huge part in keeping your body and mind healthy. However, this can be a challenge, considering that as you get older, the more you are confronted with a plethora of dietary restrictions.

The key is in being aware of what foods serve you and which ones don’t. Not only that, but it’s also important to know your calorie limits and stick to the recommended amounts of sugars, fats, sodium, etc. This way, you have the knowledge and ability to make smart food choices, which, if you stick to it long enough, will eventually become second nature.

Mind Your Routine

An equally important component of staying healthy is the amount of physical activity that you do. It goes without saying that you need to incorporate exercise and movement into your daily routine, which helps you keep your weight down and, at the same time, fend off diseases and even the risk of falls. Seniors, in particular, can benefit greatly from exercises that focus on building endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance. This runs the gamut from walking to yoga to water aerobics. So, as a rule of thumb, make sure to consult your physician to find out how much exercise you should do and which exercises are best for you. This way, you don’t end up taking undue risks and also guarantee that you get the full rewards of your efforts.

Mind Your Benefits

Finally, be aware that as a senior, you are qualified for some really great benefits that guarantee that your overall health and well-being are maintained and your medical needs are provided for. With healthcare costs for seniors currently at an all-time high, these benefits can prove to be a godsend when confronted with health problems and hefty medical bills.

At the most fundamental level, there’s the federally funded Medicare and Medicaid in which your eligibility for either is based on your income bracket. You may even have private or supplemental health insurance. It’s a wise move, indeed, to do your research and get to know your options to ensure that you are covered for rainy days and always.

Indeed, keeping yourself healthy as a senior is more than doable, despite some foreseeable challenges. Make it a point to make mindful and healthful choices every day.

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About the author: Karen Weeks is a Senior Lifestyle blogger. She struggled to find a new sense of purpose after retirement which made way to learn a new skill and took a computer course. She then created as a resource for seniors who wish to keep their minds, bodies and spirits well.

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