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Are you ready to live your best life? Together, we can identify and make the lifestyle changes to get you there!


Wellness Coaching

"Making lifestyle changes can be difficult. Many people struggle to get started, or to find an approach that works for them. My passion to help others led me to pursue wellness coach training at the Mayo Clinic. Today, I am a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. I work closely with clients to help them identify their personal goals and make changes to achieve lasting results."

- - Lynne Patzelt     


Our Approach

Step 1

Develop Your Vision

Through a series of meetings and proven coaching exercises, we will develop your vision of your best self, identify what may be holding you back, and define realistic goals that work for you.

 Step 2

You will take specific steps toward achieving your goals, building confidence as you go. This may involve trying different approaches until you find what works for you. I will provide guidance and encouragement throughout.

Step 3



As you make positive changes, we will celebrate your successes. Our journey will continue until you have established your new lifestyle, with a solid foundation and strategies to maintain lasting results.

Articles about Lifestyle Change
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